Floor Planer Hire

Floor Planers

Floor planers use a rotating cutter drum fitted with alternative cutters and configuration to prepare the surface. The cutting tools strike the surface by centrifugal force, removing contamination and texturing or reducing the surface.

The floor planer range of products has petrol, diesel and electric (single and 3 phase) powered versions available and is suitable for tasks ranging from the lightest work, to those where a heavy duty machine is required.

  • Cleaning and texturing concrete and asphalt
  • Removal of paint, rust, grease, ice, deposits, line markings and concrete latents
  • Concrete reduction and scabbling
  • Removal of roof chippings
  • Grooving applications
  • Cleaning concrete formwork
  • Non-slip finishes
  • Removal of concrete and plaster droppings

Choosing the Correct Cutter

Tool Hire Express stock the following floor planer cutters/attachments.

TCT Cutter - For concrete texturing, reduction, scabbling, planing and grooving. Removal of roof chippings and coatings.

Beam Cutter - Removal of paint and laitance. Oil and dirt, ice, de-scaling, fine texturing of surfaces.

Milling Cutter - Removal of thermoplastic line markings, bitumen and rubber deposits.

Wire Brush - Removal of rust, flaky paint, oil, dirt and laitance.

Floor Planer Surface Preparation Guide
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