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Working at Height Safely

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Working at height is one of the most high-risk activities in the construction industry. Falls from height are one of the biggest causes of workplace fatalities, accounting for 26% of all fatal injuries (an average of 37 fatal injuries per year). Half of all fall from height deaths over the last five years were in the construction sector, where there is an annual average of 19 deaths per year.  Falls from height also accounted for 8% of employer reported non-fatal injuries in 2017/18, with the largest proportion of these injuries (18% in 2017/18) being reported by the construction sector.

Source: Health and Safety Executive

Worker falls from a step ladder

Falls from height, especially ladders, are one of the biggest risks in the construction industry

The statistics make for worrying reading and justify the emphasis employers place on selecting the right piece of equipment to minimise the risks when working at height. A-Plant has a range of suitable equipment available to hire for all types of work at height, because whilst it may be tempting to use a ladder for all sorts of work there are other pieces of equipment that will offer a safer alternative, such as an access tower or pop-up platform, to provide a safe working platform.

Read on to discover what types of low-level access equipment you can hire from Tool Hire Express and A-Plant to complete a range of tasks at height.

Pecolift Access Tower

Pop-Up Platform Hire

A pop-up platform provides a safe working platform that can be lifted to various heights to allow the user to undertake tasks. Before making a pop-up platform hire, you will need to consider the height you need to access, if you are working indoors or outdoors, and if you require a manual or battery-operated machine. Tool Hire Express and A-Plant stock a range of pop-up platforms to suit various applications, products include:

  • Pecolift Manual Platform: Operated manually by turning a handle to elevate, meaning no batteries, power, or fuel required! This lift is easy to use and can be elevated up to 1.5 metres in just 11 seconds. It is designed for indoor use with a small footprint for confined spaces.
  • Power Towers Nano: Battery powered; this lift has a platform height of 2.5m. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and has a large platform to allow more space for the user to work.
  • Pop Up Pro 6 iQ: An indoor platform that is easily to manoeuvre through internal doorways, this lift is battery powered and allows an average working height of 2 metres. 
  • Pop Up Push Pro: With a platform height of 2.5m, this lightweight and compact machine can achieve a max working height of over 4.5m, the highest in our range.

Our pop-up platforms are designed to be easy to transport and then manoeuvre into place and enable fast elevation to allow you to get the job done quickly. And of course, the safe working platform means you have both hands free to complete intricate tasks without the additional concern of balancing on a ladder!

Alloy Scaffold Tower

Access Tower Hire

Hiring an access tower provide a safe and secure working platform to access work at height.  They can be built to a range of heights with various deck sizes, making them an incredibly versatile and flexible option. Tool Hire Express and A-Plant stock systems from the leading manufacturers to provide high-quality equipment which meets all safety regulations. Before making an alloy tower hire, you should consider the height you need to reach, and which assembly options are suited for your application:

  • Single and Double Alloy Tower Hire:  Suitable for reaching heights of over 13 metres, theplatform can be assembled as either single or double width decks if space is limited. These towers can be built to arange of heights and sizes and are efficient to assemble with lightweight construction.
  • Advanced Guard Rail Tower Hire: Suitable for reaching heights of over 13 metres, thisalloy tower has a safe erection sequence which ensures the correct handrail requirements are in place immediately to increase user safety. This tower can be built to a range of heights.
  • Fibre Glass Tower Hire: Suitable for reaching heights of over 9 metres. Fibre glass towers are non-conductive, corrosion free, non-oxidising and clean to handle, making them especially suited for applications in environments where electrical hazards are prominent, as well as sensitive situations, such as the rail environment, where its highly visible yellow colour offers an added safety benefit to the user.
  • Folding Tower Hire: Can easily be unfolded and assembled to provide a lightweight, non-slip decking.  Folding towers are easy to manoeuvre and can be quickly assembled and dismantled.
  • Podium Tower Hire: Designed for single person use, light weight and compact, podium towers are easy to transport and assemble and quickly provide additional height. The platform can be set at varying heights to complete a range of tasks.
  • Razor Deck Hire: Flat pack design with no detachable parts for fast assembly to save time. Can easily be set at various heights and operated by a single person.
  • Stair Adapter Kit Hire: Designed for use in stairwells, these towers can be built to various heights to provide safe support with a small footprint.
Alloy Access Towers and Ladders

Ladder Hire

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 state that ladders should be used for low risk work, which is only for a short duration, and only if, after assessing the risks, the use of more suitable work equipment is not justified.  

Falls from ladder are very common, however they often result from incorrect use, common causes of which include over-reach, slips, ladder wobbles, a broken ladder due to overloading. Choosing the correct ladder for the work you are completing, and following safety instructions is important in ensuring safe use.

Tool Hire Express and A-Plant supply the following types of ladders:

  • Aluminium Ladder Hire: High quality ladders which can be hired in both double and triple sections for a safe reach.
  • Multi-Function Ladder Hire: The multi-function ladder offers a multitude of uses in one ladder and is the ideal solution when a self-supported and free-standing ladder is required for a range of functions.
  • Telescopic Work Platform Hire:These platforms are designed to close the gap between ladders and scaffolds. They offer a comfortable, large platform, are fast to be deployed and offer compact storage and transport dimensions.
  • Timber Pole Ladder Hire: Robust and durable, these timber ladders are suitable for providing static access to scaffolding. 
  • Glass Fibre Ladder and Step Hire: Ideal for working in high voltage environments due to their non-conductive material.
  • Aluminium Roof Ladder Hire: Designed for securely accessing sloped roofs.
Hiring from Tool Hire Express

How to Hire from Tool Hire Express

Our experts can provide useful advice on which products are available to help with working at height. To hire from Tool Hire Express, you can call into any of our 34 locations across the UK (as well as our A-Plant locations) and speak to our experts. If you are a regular hirer, it will be worth opening an A-Plant account which gives you access to products across all our specialist divisions.

Or, for a one-off hire you can leave a deposit relative to the equipment you want to hire and provide two forms of identification (including a photo ID and a utility bill), and you will be ready to go! If transport is an issue, we also have delivery options available, speak to our team for more information. All Tool Hire Express stores are accredited with the Hire Association Europe’s ‘SafeHire’ certificate, giving you peace of mind that the equipment you hire has been serviced and maintained to the highest standards

If you require more specialist access equipment to complete works at height, our Powered Access division hold the full range of low-level access equipment and scissor lifts. Or, if you need to reach higher, we supply various specifications of telescopic and articulated booms to ensure you can safely access hard to reach areas. Visit our Powered Access website to discover the full range or speak to our team for specialist advice.


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