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Picture the scene; twinkling Christmas lights, a crackling fire, warm mince pies fresh from the oven, kids playing happily with their new toys on a pristine carpet… OK, we know it never quite works out like that, but one thing you can achieve this Christmas is a beautifully clean carpet! 

Carpet cleaner hire

The state of your carpet can either make or break the overall look and feel of your perfectly decorated room. A fresh and hygienic carpet will provide the finishing touch to the Christmas preparations and will make your rooms cosy and welcoming. So, if revitalising your carpet is on this year’s Christmas ‘to do’ list, we may just have the perfect solution…

Read on and discover how you can achieve a professional finish with a carpet cleaner hire and vacuum cleaner hire from Tool Hire Express. You can clean carpets yourself and make them feel like new again with our high-quality and powerful equipment.

Why do carpets need cleaning?

Carpets are prone to becoming dirty and clogged with dust, debris, pet hair and allergens. This dirt often lies hidden deep in the fibres and can lead to unpleasant odours. Cleaning your carpets is especially important if someone in your household has allergies, as the dust harboured in a carpet can cause reactions and affect the overall air quality in your house. Over time, the dirt in your carpets will degrade the carpet fibres and damage the overall quality of the carpet, so to ensure that your carpets last as long as possible it’s important to clean them often.

How often do carpets need cleaning?

Whilst vacuuming will take care of the weekly maintenance of your carpets, it is recommended that carpets receive a deeper clean at least once every year. This will help restore them to their original condition and extend the lifespan of the carpet. If you have pets or your carpets have particularly high foot traffic, then it is recommended that you clean your carpet more often. Hiring professional-grade cleaning equipment as and when required, or before a special occasion such as Christmas, can provide an economical and affordable solution with great results. Tool Hire Express also stocks a range of high-performance vacuum cleaners available to hire for domestic use which can be used before a deep carpet clean to improve results.

Hire a carpet cleaner

How to clean a carpet

Tool Hire Express supply powerful ‘spray extraction’ machines which use hot water and detergents to lift trapped dirt, clean the carpet and then vacuum up the waste water. These professional machines are easy to operate and will drastically improve both the look and feel of your carpet. 

Top tips for getting the best from the equipment:

  1. Preparation is key. Ensure the carpet is fitted securely and remove furniture if practicable.
  2. Vacuum first to remove as much loose dirt as possible.
  3. Fill the removable bucket with hot water (the water temperature should never be above 60 degrees) and add the cleaning solution, then pour into the rear of the machine.
  4. Assemble the cleaning wand and connect it to the machine, then connect the solution supply hose to the machine.
  5. Plug in to the mains in a different room and switch on.
  6. Start in the furthest corner of the room and spray clean water and the detergent onto the carpet using the trigger, and then vacuum it up again. The dirty water will collect in the bucket for easy disposal.
  7. Use overlapping strokes, lifting the cleaning head and releasing trigger at each stroke to refill the nozzle with water.
  8. Avoid over-wetting the carpet.
  9. Go over same area without squeezing the trigger to suck up dirty water and continue until no more water is viable rising through the transparent head cover.
  10. Leave the windows open to dry carpets, avoid turning on the heating to prevent the carpet from drying out to quickly which may cause shrinkage.

Tool Hire Express stock equipment from the leading manufacturer Kärcher, this video shows the equipment in action and demonstrates the many functions and applications. Available with a range of different attachments, our carpet cleaners are also perfect for cleaning many other types of upholstery, including for use in vehicles.

Hiring from Tool Hire Express

How to Hire from Tool Hire Express

At Tool Hire Express, all our equipment is carefully maintained and due to high levels of investment in new equipment, you can be certain that you will get the most modern and up to date equipment available to increase your productivity. 

To hire a carpet cleaner or vacuum cleaner from Tool Hire Express, you can call into any of our 34 locations across the UK (as well as our A-Plant locations) and speak to our experts. If you are a regular hirer, it will be worth opening an A-Plant account which gives you access to products across all our specialist divisions. Or, for a one-off hire you can leave a deposit relative to the equipment you want to hire and provide two forms of identification (including a photo ID and a utility bill), and you will be ready to go! If transport is an issue, we also have delivery options available, speak to our team for more information.

All Tool Hire Express stores are accredited with the Hire Association Europe’s ‘SafeHire’ certificate, giving you peace of mind that the equipment you hire has been serviced and maintained to the highest standards.


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