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Garden Equipment Hire for the Big Autumn Clear Up

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Now that the nights have started to draw in and those warm summer evenings are beginning to get rather chilly, it is time to start preparing your garden for the long winter ahead! There are many jobs that need to be completed during these months to keep the garden looking tidy and to ensure shrubs, trees and hedges are in good shape for the coming spring. Pruning and cutting back is recommended during the autumn and winter months to help encourage strong growth and to reshape the plant whilst there are no leaves to obscure your view. 

Tidying the garden in Autumn

Many gardeners don’t consider how hiring equipment on a seasonal basis can help with garden projects throughout the year. The experienced hire teams at Tool Hire Express can advise on the most suitable piece of equipment for seasonal jobs and maybe even suggest one that you have never heard of! In this blog we will detail some of the useful products available to help with this year’s ‘Big Autumn Clear Up’, which are perfect for both domestic and professional use.

Lady slips on wet autumn leaves

Slippery When Wet! Leaf Blower Hire and Leaf Collector Hire 

Whilst autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons, it is also admittedly one of the messiest! Those stunning orange leaves can provide a seemingly endless amount of raking and clearing work, only for the lawn to be covered once again the next day. When wet, leaves can become hazardous and very slippery when left on areas such as paths and decking. A leaf blower hire or a leaf collector hire from Tool Hire Express will make quick work of gathering and collecting fallen leaves, meaning you can leave the rake in the shed. Leaf blowers and collectors are easy to handle and are portable, making them ideal for sites with no power. They can be used to clear large areas quickly and easily due to power airflow and suction.

Top tip: Fallen autumn leaves make a great source of brown material for your compost bin. Alternatively, you can collect them to be used a leaf mulch. Shred them with a rotary mower first, and then place them around plants and flower beds. As they break down they act as a great soil conditioner.

Make pruning easy with a Brush Cutter Hire or Hedge Cutter Hire

An important job in the garden during the autumn is to prune trees, shrubs, bushes and hedges. Once the leaves have fallen you will be able to see the shape of the tree more clearly, making it easier to cut it back in line with its natural shape. Our lightweight hedge trimmers will make quick work of pruning and we stock a range of sizes to suit all requirements, including longer reach models to access tricky areas.

A brush cutter hire or strimmer hire will also provide a much faster alternative to using manual cutting tools and will power through dense vegetation with ease, whilst also accessing hard to reach areas. These lightweight and agile tools are perfect for efficiently clearing vegetation ready for winter.

Top tip: Don’t cut off tree branches halfway along, cut them off where they need a bigger branch or the trunk.

Wood Chipper Hire

Banish the garden waste with a Wood Chipper Hire and Shredder Hire

Once you have pruned and cut back the tress, bushes and hedges, you will be left with some garden waste to dispose of. You may require a permit to dispose of garden waste at your local waste recycling centre, not to mention the potential for multiple trips, heavy lifting and lots of mess and debris in the car or van afterwards. An alternative way to dispose of garden waste is with a shredder hire. A shredder will reduce light garden waste to turn into compost and is ideally suited for materials such as privets, hedge trimmings and prunings. For a more heavy-duty option, it may be worth considering the hire of a wood chipper, ideal for disposing of larger branches and garden debris.

Top Tip: Don’t throw away the waste product, it can be recycled back into the garden as mulch and used for various landscaping projects, including on paths and borders.

Wood chippings and bark added to borders

Top Tip: Don’t throw away the waste product, it can be recycled back into the garden as mulch and used for various landscaping projects, including on paths and borders.

Change your equipment with the seasons

As the seasons change, so do the types of equipment you need to keep your garden in order. For a one-off gardening project, it can seem unnecessary to invest in equipment that you will only need for the short-term, or that you will maybe only use once or twice a year. Hiring equipment rather than buying prevents significant investment and maintenance costs and means you can hire what you need on a seasonal basis, changing your equipment as necessary depending on the project.

Hiring from Tool Hire Express

How to Hire from Tool Hire Express

To hire from Tool Hire Express, you can call into any of our 34 locations across the UK (as well as our A-Plant locations) and speak to our experts. If you are a regular hirer, it will be worth opening an A-Plant account which gives you access to products across all our specialist divisions. Or, for a one-off hire you can leave a deposit relative to the equipment you want to hire and provide two forms of identification (including a photo ID and a utility bill), and you will be ready to go! If transport is an issue, we also have delivery options available, speak to our team for more information.

At Tool Hire Express, all our gardening and landscaping equipment is fully maintained and safe to use and you can be certain that you will get the most modern and up to date equipment available to increase your productivity.  What’s more, all Tool Hire Express stores are accredited with the Hire Association Europe’s ‘SafeHire’ certificate, giving you peace of mind that the equipment you hire has been serviced and maintained to the highest standards.


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